PRIMI, via a series of digital tools, enables its members to apply and develop their expertise using professional market intelligence services or editing software for interactive or VR projects. 


Double trade is a personalised service of targeting market intelligence, with individual follow-up that makes easier the path towards public contracts.

> 500€ instead of 2000€


Corporama is a market research digital tool that enable a criteria-led search amongst a database of 9 million companies. Criteria are numerous; activity, location, turn over, public contracts etc.

> 700€ instead of 780€


Honkytonk Films developped the interactive project publication and publishing application “Klynt”. This application is used to design interactive web documentary, augmented video, interactive map, mind map, quiz, e-book type works incorporating fixed or moving images….. It is a reference tool for storytellers, journalists and other creators of transmedia projects.

> 350€ instead of 499€


WONDA VR is an edition software for immersive experiences (VR, 360°). You can generate 360° environments for Gear VR and Cardboards and integrate sounds, photos or 360° vidéos. It is also possible to integrate interactive objects in the 360° environment.

> 350€ instead of 499€


Bubblz is a project management tool that allows production and post-production professionals to automate their processes: for instance, sharing files, no matter what format or size gets simplier and easier; you can assign and validate tasks, even at distance – as long as you have access to internet .

> License at 213€ instead of 250€ ; License at 425€ instead of 500€


FlameFy is an innovative tools that optimises the management, acquisition and circulation of the audience of a digital work or a marketing campaign via automated data analysis: customize the user experience, analyze and engage your audience, collect datas…

> from 59€ HT/month for the VOD offer to 5 000€ for the Audience Lift offer

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