Funding solutions

PRIMI helps you write your grant applications and design your crowdfunding campaigns.

1) Preparation of grant applications

PRIMI helps its member prepare rock solid grant applications. Drawing from a basic file, PRIMI advises, modifies and/or supplements the information with the stakeholder, to ensure the dossier answers all the expectations of the financial backer (MEDIA, CNC, Région PACA…) and is as representative of the project as possible. This involves anticipating all the backer’s questions upstream and presenting a dossier which is as complete as possible.

These aspects include:
– the dossier’s overall consistency
– the coherence of the budget and the financing plan: relevance of the amounts requested, the financial backers approached

– the consistency of development, production, and publication strategies
– the quality of the presentations by the artistic team, the production team and the technical team
– the quality of the statements of intent
– the quality, originality, enhancement of artistic elements (narratives, visuals etc. …)
– the quality of the technical information
– the validity of the administrative information with respect to the specific requirements of the financial backer approached (contracts, business register extract, Bank Details form, letter of commitments…..)

2) Crowdfunding campaigns

PRIMI assists its members in designing their crowdfunding campaigns. It assesses the crowdfunding campaign’s relevance to the context of the requesting company, the company’s presence on the social networks, the project to be financed etc. PRIMI advises on the amount sought, the tone used, the nature of the counterparties, the length of the campaign and any other factor associated with the success (or failure) of campaigns.

These assistance services are available to all the members of the PRIMI network. As the pricing principle is based on a success commission fee, the services are only paid if a positive result is obtained with the financial backer or if the target for the crowd financing campaign is attained.

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