PRIMI has selected several experts to assist its members access certain skill sectors (legal advice, financial strategy, communication strategy, transmedia design and narration). It asks its members to make an initial appointment with them in order to diagnose or work on a sticking point. PRIMI can pay for 50% of the rate/hour or tariff/dossier for this first collaboration (a few hours of advice or preparation of a dossier)..

The areas concerned

  • Transmedia design and narration: experts who can assist with the creation, design and ergonomics of the use scenarios of an innovative product or service.
  • Communication strategy: marketing, community management, press relations.
  • Legal advice: contract law, intellectual property, company articles of association, shareholders’ agreement, social law, drafting General Terms of Sale.
  • Financial strategy : customer deadlines and debt collection, tax credit, business model and raising funds, reading the balance sheet and management, shareholders’ equity and loans, profitability, and economic performance.
  • International: experts who can accompany international project development (distribution, coproduction,…).

Proposed assistance and terms and conditions

The experts whose profiles are presented below offer individual diagnostic and advice sessions to the members of the PRIMI network : assessing problems specific to each project, removing sticking points, examining areas to be reinforced, building a strategy, putting forward an action plan…

TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT : contact the PRIMI to explain your problem and/or to obtain the contact details of an expert. After an initial contact and a work proposition including estimates and prices have been drawn up, PRIMI can validate the service and pay up to 50% of the cost of the consultation. It should be remembered that the member is responsible for paying the remaining charge as well as for the terms and conditions of performing the service to be defined directly with the expert (telephone appointment or conference call, payment of any travelling costs incurred by the expert, other miscellaneous costs).

Contact : Eléonore Sauzeau / / 04 91 05 81 04



Emilie ARLET

– Production director, product development and follow-up ;  publishers
– Transmedia, new media, interactive projects

Emilie has worked as an Executive Producer and Production Director on major international transmedia works such as Soundhunters (2015), In Limbo (2015) or encore Alma (2012). Emily has an excellent knowledge of the outlook and policy of new media publishers.
>> See her Linkedin profile


– Game designer, writer
– Interactive fiction, ARG, urban, educational, cultural, touristic, VR games …

Eric Viennot has supervised the creation of 100 games in the Lexis Numérique studio which he is the co-founder and creative director. Lexis has sold over 10 million games such as  The adventures of Uncle Ernest (series translated into 15 languages), the Alexandra Ledermann, Red Johnson Chronicles series etc. He, in parallel, has pursued a career as a writer and has created numerous original adventure game concepts like the In Memoriam series. More recently, he created the Alt-Minds Transmedia fiction. Eric Viennot has been a designer and independent expert for the last two years.
>> Skill and expertise areas 


– Writing director
– Audiovisual projects, interactive products, international fiction
– Media consultant

After working as a producer and fiction scriptwriter for RAI, Gaetano Stucchi has in last 15 years, devoted himself to writing management and assisting projects involving new media.
>> See his CV

Sophie PESEUX 

– Man-machine interface ergonomics
– Use and experience design

For the last 10 years Sophie Peseux has helped companies optimise the ergonomics of their products – design of interfaces, user specificities, modelling, notably in the videogame field.
>> See her Linkedin profile
Aurélien BEGUET (ATRIOOM agency)

– Design of services and user experience
Aurélien Beguet is the founder of the Atrioom agency with designs connected services and products based on user experience with the goal of optimising and fluidifying user experience.

See her website




– Press relations
– Communication strategy

A journalist and cross media consultant, Stephane Malagnac has particular experience in the publishing, cinema and animation field.
>> Visit his website



– Web open source / Drupal
– HTML5/CSS3/JS frontend development

Didier Hérisson has been a website designer for 20 years and advises companies on their natural referencing, amongst other subjects.

> Visit his website


Violaine BORET

– Marketing, community management, public relations
For the last 14 years Violaine Boret has been developing and applying communication and public relations strategies to organising events especially for start-ups, SOHO/SMEs and associations.
>> Visit her website


Véronique DUMON

–  Public relations
– audiovisual, animation

Véronique Dumon designs communication strategies especially in the audiovisual and animation sectors: brochures, she writes sales arguments and press releases, conceptual coordination and creation of communication tools, e-PR, organisation of events…
>> See her Linkedin profile 

Mathieu GAYET (Red 5)

– Advice & operations to manage BtoB / BtoC communities and social networks.
– Development and production of video content, Transmedia.
– E-PR & management of blogger/brand relationships.

After 4 years in the cinema production field, Mathieu became a freelance Community Manager for different players in the world of culture and technologies (Microsoft France, Asus France, Les Témoins for France 2, the I Love Transmedia festival…), whilst continuing his interest in creating content for web or television.
>> Visit his website




Sabine JOUVE

– A lawyer who specialises in intellectual property, and the Law of New Information and Communication Technologies at the Marseilles bar
Me Sabine JOUVE provides legal advice and expertise for businesses and creators in particular in the audiovisual, cinema, entertainment and new creations (digital, transmedia) field
>> See her CV


– Audiovisual, performing arts, hybrid forms
– International coproductions

Me Sébastien Lachaussée specialises in intellectual property law, the Law of New technologies and Commercial Law. His specific practice area covers advice on the Cinema Law, Audiovisual law, Music law and the Law of New Technologies (virtual reality, hybrid projects web etc).
>> See his website


Emmanuel PONÇON

– Creation of management control tools,  business plan, steering tools
– Administrative structuring

Emmanuel Ponçon has provided advice on management control to the directors of SMEs and SOHOs over the last 13 years notably by setting up and analysing monthly management charts. These charts help directors take decisions and to economically and financially steer their businesses. He also assists them to structure their management tools (estimates and invoicing, follow-up of hours, analysis of charges, cost accounting etc) and their administrative teams.

>> Visit his website

Guillaume BONO

– Financial strategy
– Fundraising, capitalisation
– Tax credits

Guillaume BONO has assisted the creation and development of innovative companies for almost 15 years especially in the digital creation sector (videogames, transmedia).
>> See his CV

Antoine NADOT

– Business plan optimisation
– Personalised search for financing
– Research Tax Credit, Young Innovative Company

Antoine NADOT from Deveum performs corporate financing diagnostics: assessment of the potential for public and private financing, terms, timeframe, probability of obtaining financing…
>> Visit his web site

  Christophe EBRO 

– Financing strategy for innovative projects in cooperation with fundraisers/private investors
– Operational implementation of tax incentives (Research Tax Credit, Young Innovative Company)
– Obtaining State aids for National and European innovation

For the last 8 years, Auvalie Innovation has assisted over 150 companies to structure the financing for each stage of their project and obtain the relevant State grants.
>> Visit his website




Three transverse profiles: international marketing / international transmedia


– Development of digital and transmedia strategy
– International and coproduction partnerships
– East European market specialist

Urszula Gleisner designs and manages multiplatform projects. Her broad 15 years of international experience (Thomson, Technicolor) means that she is able to understand different mind sets and expectations. She attends the major conferences on new media in France and abroad and incorporates the latest trends in her strategy. She organises a new media festival “Learn Do Share” in Poland. Urszula assists producers and writers develop their transmedia and coproduction projects.
>> See her Linkedin profile


– Acquisition and retention strategies on the new markets
– Identification of new commercial targets
– Adaptation of promotional supports
– Accompaniement for international events

Alice Niezborala accompanies entrepreneurs in the operational management of their product launch notably in English speaking countries (Australia, United States, United Kingdom) and South East Asia.
>> See her Linkedin profile


– Business development
– Marketing and communication strategy
– International conferences 

THE MARKETING CATALYSTS is a Berlin-based boutique consultancy boosting the marketing planning of creative and innovative players at the intersection of digital tech/interactive media, film, VR/AR, music, design and art, with a focus on the specific challenges of entering new markets. Together with our clients, we develop step by step a solid marketing strategy followed by a pragmatic implementation schedule, where all the marketing tools work all together in one direction: business development. We also work for international conferences and trade missions to shape clear contents, elaborate bespoke programmes and presentation formats, and attract high scale professionals as speakers. 

>> See her linkedin profile 

Contact : Eleonore Sauzeau / / 06 44 33 81 98