Films de Force Majeure : audiovisual production and distribution

FILMS DE FORCE MAJEURE develops and produces short and feature films, with all types of contents or formats. FILMS DE FORCE MAJEURE stands up for independence, aims for accuracy, and is committed to follow authors with energy, dedication and determination until they fulfil their ambitions.

Through its wide range of productions, FILMS DE FORCE MAJEURE gathers many outlooks on reality and encourages the creation of forms to offer viewers strong and varied experiences, with a constant urge to open up and share, even with the most unexpected artistic proposals.

FILMS DE FORCE MAJEURE also intends to scout for young talents, new aesthetic forms, favouring unheard-of production configurations and new technologies. Created in 2010 in Marseille, FILMS DE FORCE MAJEURE sees international coproduction not only as a means for funding films, but also and above all as a mutually profitable experience.

Contact : +334 84 18 30 33 /
Address : 14 rue Montgrand – 13006 MARSEILLE, France

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