We seek a new relationship with the public, between shows, exhibition and mediation, in innovative projects.
The collective is a laboratory of artistic and technical researches. We choose to share creative time with the public that are involved in those latter. We handle contemporary dance, theater, image, music, programming, to weave writing in perpetual motion.
We use digital tools as a meta-tool being vector of connection. Digital tools, ubiquitous from creation to production, make connection with the audience during the performance, and fades to better serve the storyline.
To channel all possible field that enable digital tools, the Collective has chosen to explore the real, by the body, the flesh and the narrative. We invent stories, stage designs, imaginary constructions combining virtual spaces and real time, inside and outside the theatre.

Contact : Web site Mail / Facebook / Vimeo / Phone number : 06 15 55 69 70 / Location: Le nomade village, 35 rue de la cité des platanes, 13005 Marseille

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