Training courses / workshops / masterclasses

PRIMI assists its members to develop innovative and transmedia projects, to experiment with new formats, new writing, new uses but also in terms of economic models and technical and financial production.

Information, collaboration and meeting workshops with potential order givers

The PRIMI’s members can obtain clear data and contact key players for their economic development through a series of information and awareness creating workshops organised by PRIMI in partnership with other local and national players
The following workshops are planned in 2016 :

Audiovisual & digital “order giver” workshop

A publisher who is involved in new creative forms but who is not necessarily connected to a traditional audiovisual group will be asked to come and meet the network. He will be asked to present his new media strategy, his expectations in terms of programmes, working methods etc. A project creator who has recently worked with this publisher will be asked to describe his project and experience. The PRIMI’s members can meet the publisher and the project creator in order to introduce themselves, propose a programme, exchange contacts and advice.

Financing workshop

The search for financing is a central preoccupation of professionals. PRIMI will organise a meeting to share experiences on this subject. Several professionals will be asked to come and speak about their experience regarding obtaining a grant, their dealings with a financier, the product’s financing structure, crowdfunding, fundraising etc.

Inter-cluster workshop

In partnership with the other regional clusters, the exchange and cooperation days will be devoted to innovation in using creative industries and cross-referencing between creative and cultural sectors and new technologies of the connected objects wireless technologies, drone capture and 360° type…


Following on the success of the first masterclass directed by Alain Damasio, organised in 2015 by PRIMI and Café Pixel on the transmedia version of a literary work and after the international masterclasses, organised with Marseille Web Fest, new ‘big format’ meetings will be held in 2016.

These events will be used to take stock of a new technology or production technique, new uses or creative means or the publication of creative works. A masterclass format (i.e. a big public event presented by international experts) will enable the impact of these new techniques on the digital creation sectors to be anticipated.

New masterclasses will highlight a designer, a company, a success story and a textbook case will be proposed on themes such as 360°, virtual reality and immersive techniques.

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